NOHO One Bedroom

New York, New York

Our primary goal for this project was to update an estate condition prewar one-bedroom, striking a balance between functionality and refined aesthetics. Practical updates, such as raising the ceiling, adding recessed lights, and opening the living room to the kitchen, transformed the area into an inviting and functional space. The kitchen and living room became a stylish focal point with custom blue cabinets, marble accents, and a striking Bluestar range.

To create a more open feel, we enlarged doors and installed new windows for natural light, effectively reducing street noise. Paying attention to detail, we concealed wires for all electronics, achieving a clean look. The result is a sophisticated and welcoming living space that seamlessly blends practicality with style.

Building on this success, we collaborated with the owners to update the bathroom. We gave it a modern look by transforming the tub into a sleek shower with marble, a glass enclosure, and a floating mirrored vanity. This not only added a touch of luxury but also created a more open atmosphere in the bathroom. Rainfall shower fixtures complemented the modern theme of the space.

By prioritizing practical updates and paying meticulous attention to detail, the project is a success, achieving a harmonious blend of functionality and refined style throughout the entire living space. Overall, the transformation showcases how modern design and practical changes can seamlessly come together.

Photography: Elizabeth Dooley
Spinn Construction

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